It’s a Wonderful Town Center Life

img_9349It will come as a surprise to many that we, The Town Center Condominium Association, do NOT own Town Center. While we noisily-and somewhat invisibly-occupy our modest condominiums, for Metin Negrin we are but a forgotten cipher in the Celebration Town Center financial profit center which belongs to LEXIN CAPITAL. We simply provided him with plus or minus 20 MILLION DOLLARS in Empire Building Capital. And following(metaphorically)his Medical School Graduation, he ditched us.
It’s an old story.
Back in ’04 when Disney made what we now think of as Its Deal With the Devil they-OF COURSE-protected THEIR interests, and in doing that we ASSUMED that well, OURS were protected as well. It certainly read that way as we all reviewed our PURCHASE OPPORTUNITIES.attachment-1
What happened here? How did it come to pass that TCCA, a small voluntary militia weighted down under POUNDS of oppressive Developer-Created governing documents and NO budget, has  been assigned TOTAL responsibility for carrying the Town Center Battle Flag (A shredded blue tarp) while Disney, The Celebration Company, CROA, CNOA and CCMC collectively  observe from a SAFE DISTANCE through HEAVY LENSES/Attorneys?
 Frighteningly enough, it is even not clear if we are all rooting for the SAME side.
ALL the DEED RESTRICTIONS in the World do not function without ENFORCEMENT. CROA understands this and operates-in most cases-accordingly. In Town Center both TCC AND CNOA (a Double-Team) were invested with a BROAD Brush of Enforcement techniques, which remain boldly, monolithically UN-enforced.
And I say, what is the FUN of POWER if you can’t use it? Or WON”T?attachment-1-1-copy
Should we Town Centerites stumble during our Long March for Justice,Celebration Residents-at least all those who understand that their Property Values are symbiotically LASHED to the bow of the very EXISTENCE of Down Town Center “You’ve Got to SEE This Place”Celebration should hope that “The Declarant” gets his game on, as Disney/TCC will have become the last line of defense between the water intrusion, the bugs, and gravity. WE who live here would OFTEN like to pretend that WE do not exist. Like Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, we imagine a future in which our actions are erased and what I like to call The Metin Negrin Lexin Capital Annuity Profit Center operates in capitalistic free fall.
Because it is not just our homes but ALL  161,943 square feet of Lexin’s Premium Commercial Real Estate which are seriously compromised. Unlike residences, Commercial Real Estate derives its market value from Net Operating Income, NOT FROM how well the structures are maintained. Show him the money, NOT the maintenance. In his world Cardboard or Granite, makes no difference. It is the INCOME. Clearly Mr. Negrin appears to have mastered living “In The Moment”.
On a side note Lexin property values dropped this year, hence his property taxes. GOOD for him, as, KA-CHING there is another $200,000. moved to HIS side of the Balance Sheet.

One thought on “It’s a Wonderful Town Center Life

  1. Good Morning Cookie,

    I am reaching out from Inside Edition. I am hoping to talk with you about your blog and living in Celebration. Please let me know when you have time to talk.

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