It’s Been a Quiet Day in (your location here)


Not sure if anybody has missed ME, but I sure have missed engaging in a one-sided conversation with inhabitants in my small part of the world in where-in my MIND anyway-I am AN INFLUENCER. An influencer without smokey-eyed make-up or kicky shoes, to be sure. Yet here I am, sheltering on this tiny piece of land which remains forever Disney, forever magic, and forever ready to share messages of hope with all the yet-to-be-identified survivors of this difficult time.

The above picture was taken this morning in Manhattan, home of Dread Pirate Metin Negrin, its mood strikingly similar to an image of Town Center Celebration. While Dread Pirate Metin is forbidden to appear on the shores of Lake Rianhard without an obligatory  14 day quarantine, his ill will travels over non-restricted band-width, allowing him to impose nastiness from afar, counting on the Coronavirus to provide a handy assist in his crippling dirty work.

The world is so awry that one can almost feel its axis tipping dangerously. With only the briefest of warnings,  millions of us have found our lives tossing in a virtual tornado of change. Watching episodes of “A Year in Space” I share Scott Kelly’s perspective, the Earth becomes our ceiling, no longer the solid floor where we held an illusory toehold on life.
All of us on planet earth are similarly anxious, and serially giddy with concern for those we love. It a never before experience, this having to worry about the entire world at one time. It is a puzzlement.

What is wonderful to see is the world-wide rise up of goodwill and publicly-distanced displays of affection. I could cry at the persistent small kindnesses encountered while navigating looping circles in the so artfully designed streets of Celebration.

In the midst of all this, we exist at one of the epicenters of unemployment and non-essential businesses, and many Town Center residents are economically gutted for an indeterminate amount of time. Which brings us back to Dread-Pirate Metin Negrin. The milk of human kindness by the quart in his every vein. Rather than put his onerous assessments on hold (definition of onerous-the average Town Center resident will have paid $15,000 in assessments this year) Metin fired across the residents bow, refusing to delay payments for work which cannot even be performed under the current circumstances. Cleary he would like to Coronavirus to save him the work of liening and foreclosing.


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