A Tale of Ruth

Prince Harry meets 95 year old Ruth Uffleman
Prince Harry meets 95 year old Ruth Uffleman at the wheelchair tennis on the final day of the Invictus Games Orlando 2016  on May 12, in Orlando, Florida.

During our years-long dysfunctional relationship with Lexin Capital the owners in Town Center have, of necessity, developed a Codified Rules of Survival. Most often called upon is Rule Number 8,  Never Cry Over Something That Can’t Cry Over You.

Because if we welled up EVERY time we encountered a rotting beam or a leaking roof or spotted the banner-like shaggy tarps flying over BOTH sides of Market Street, well, massive drifts of soggy Kleenex would clog Market Street and collect in the entryway of the AMC Theater and on the Banks of Lake Rianhard. They would be visible from SPACE, just like those acres of floral tributes to Princess Diana.
Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 1.57.34 PM
And SPEAKING of seeing things from space, it is now SUPER EASY to-on Google Earth- pinpoint Town Center, using the Lexin  extraterrestrial communications device-innocent blue tarps to those who don’t know better, but SO obvious to us as landing pads. Or birthing pools for their young, we never know.
 And SPEAKING of TARPS, the Google Earth shot has them looking PRETTY spiffy. But that was long ago (taken on March 6th) when they were young and pretty and full of HOPE. Once again, Don’t cry…
But news of a NEW TARP-no, NOT a second Tarp, but a THIRD TARP from the Lexin Foundation Bunker is meant to be ENCOURAGEMENT, the relentless kind of encouragement spoon-fed to hostages constantly being promised a bath. This news has created a reflexive grab for our Codified Rules of Survival, Rule Number 3, Believe NONE of What You Hear and HALF of What You See from Lexin.



Not exactly the kind of day one hopes for at 91…
At last, sadly, the real purpose of this post, is to openly grieve over the loss of a woman who SURELY would have cried over us, Ruth Uffelman, Town Center’s Queen Mother, our moral compass, our passion and our hero. It is outrageous that at 91, her porch gone,  her windows tarped, her garden destroyed by endless construction delays and mishaps, she was forced to spend the last six months of her life entombed in a single room of her home, eating meals off a tray on her bed, while Metin Negrin stalled and maneuvered mightily in his attempt to gain advantages, and to profit by the very chaos he created. The value of our units has been decimated by the Foundation’s neglect, and in the fear and disarray created Mr. Negrin swoops, even now purchasing three units while allowing the buildings to collapse around us.
Ruth expressed herself often about Lexin, referring to them as “thieves” in a February meeting, and just two days before her death stood at the CNOA meeting, speaking her last words about the indignities and sociopathic callousness of Lexin’s failure to act. All of us heard her, and her iconic spirit is the inspiration for the TCCA Codified Rules of Survival Rule Number 1- Remember Ruth. Do Not Give Up.
We promise Ruth, we are NOT throwing away our shot.

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