Every Picture Tells a Story/3. Happy Thanksgiving.


It is truly a most spectacular morning here in Celebration, and there is a great deal to be thankful for-The courts are closed, the attorneys all off duty AND there is NO rain in the forecast, allowing Town Center residents to relax and work on capturing one of the neighborhood turkeys instead of focusing on re-arranging plastic sheets over their bedding.

And I have begun my holiday decorations, this year using a “Shabby Chic” theme as I am repurposing some of Lexin’s disintegrated roof tarps-pieces of which have been deposited all over Town Center thanks to Time, the Florida Sun and Prevailing Breezes.

This is the THIRD set of tarps by the way. Lexin must REALLY care about us, can you imagine paying for them THREE times? It must have used up the funds for the missing spire over the Market  Street Cafe (in the background) scheduled to be replaced on 7/1/2016.


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