Previous Convictions, Front of House-Back of House

Other than believing that “cleanliness is next to godliness” one of my longest standing convictions was that The Walt Disney Company, particularly in the Magic Kingdom, believed 100% in Truth, Justice and Charming, RELATABLE spaces. SCRUBBED and MAINTAINED spaces. That the Disney Standards Handbook had been authored by someone on Work Release from the Clinic for the Helplessly OCD.

Years into my long, long, life I learned firsthand that Disney “Front of House” and Disney “Back of House” can be very, very, different. Another Disney World really. A bit OCD myself, I spent many a happy 40-minutes-out-of- every-hour gathering trash from the perimeter of various character break rooms, wondering at why this was.

And in Celebration Town Center this pattern has been replicated by Lexin. Of course HERE the dramatic juxtaposition is MUCH less, as Lexin and TCF do not REALLY give a Flying Fig about the FRONT of House OR the BACK of House. To Metin Negrin the World is a giant spreadsheet on which there appears to be some virtue (benefit) in presenting an-if not GOOD, then marginally BETTER-PUBLIC face, the better to encourage one’s appetite AND along the way maintain-in an extraordinarily marginal way-NOT the buildings, but the CASH FLOW to his FAVORITE parts of Town Center, the Restaurants.

Just how much cash flows past our greasy walkways and into our greasy parking lots will be the topic of an upcoming post, but one does not have to be channeling Warren Buffett to see that in THIS tiny town Restaurants TRUMP (sorry) retail.

At last circling back to my elusive point; what YOU might see, as a visitor to Town Center, is NOT what WE, as residents, GET.

Sweet Escapes-Front of House


Sweet Escapes-Back of House



Cafe D’Antonio-Front of HouseIMG_5003

Cafe D’Antonio-Back of House



Thai Thani-Front of House


Thai Thani-Back of House


Town Tavern-Front of HouseIMG_5004IMG_5007

Town Tavern-Back of House


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